New Features

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Increased speed for file conversion- files are now converted in memory instead of on-disk.

Post-processing actions- output files may be launched using the applications(s) of your choice.

Max now uses Sparkle for staying updated.

Added the option to overwrite output files. [153, 115]

Better iTunes Integration

The iTunes icon

Expanded playlist support- Max can now create an iTunes playlist named using metadata.

Max now generates iTunes-compatible gapless AAC m4a files. [187]

Max-generated m4a files will now play from shared iTunes libraries. [124, 53]

Fixed a bug where files were unable to be added to iTunes libraries for languages other than English. [124]

Metadata Handling Enhanced

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Max now supports editing of metadata for file conversion. [136, 151]

Max supports downloading metadata using MusicBrainz. [148]

Metadata is now written to Ogg (FLAC) files.

New Formats for Decoding

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Max now supports decoding of Musepack and Shorten [68] audio files.

Bug Fixes

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Fixed problem where the error message "Unable to read the disc's table of contents." would be displayed for certain CDs.

Files that were opened for conversion are now released immediately, instead of at application shutdown. [186]

CDs now auto-eject correctly. [126, 117]

'Same as source file' preference now sticks. [178]

Converting a large number of files no longer causes a crash. [145, 200]

Encoder Components Updated

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Max now uses the following encoder versions:

  • FLAC 1.1.3 for FLAC and Ogg (FLAC)
  • LAME 3.97 for MP3
  • WavPack 4.40.0 for WavPack
  • aoTuV 1.0 for Ogg (Vorbis)
  • Speex 1.2beta1 for Ogg (Speex)
  • libsndfile 1.0.17 for PCM conversions