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April 23, 2009:
My blog is now online.




Welcome to! 

This is my very basic website. Welcome!

You're probably here because you are looking for Max, Play, or possibly Tag. I'm also working on a CD audio extractor, Rip.


Much of the software I create is open source, free software. It is absolutely free to download and use, and since it is open source if there is something you don't like, you can change it.

Current Projects 

My current projects revolve around Mac OS X, and are audio tools in one form or another.

The logo for Decibel Decibel
Decibel is a high-quality audio player.

The logo for Max Max
Max is an application for creating high-quality audio files in various formats, from compact discs or files.

The logo for Rip Rip
Rip is an application for accurate CD audio extraction.

The logo for Play Play
Play is an application for playing and managing audio files.

The logo for Tag Tag
Tag is a metadata editor for FLAC, Ogg (Vorbis), Monkey's Audio and WavPack files.

The logo for Spotlight Spotlight Importers
Spotlight importers for FLAC, Ogg (FLAC) and Ogg (Vorbis) files.

Older Projects 

I also have some older projects that are no longer actively maintained, but still work.

ccl is a C library for access to configuration files containing name/value pairs.

GNU cgicc
GNU cgicc is a C++ class library that greatly simplifies the creation of CGI applications for the World Wide Web.

mod_format is an Apache 1.x module for formatting source code using HTML.

src2html is a flex-based utility for formatting source code using HTML.

Science and Math 

If you are like me and get a kick out of things like this, check out my page on Sierpinski's Gasket.

GPG Key 

If you would like to verify a signed message or send me an encrypted message my public key is here.